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Aviva Community Fund - PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer

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 East Grinstead Lions are seeking £5000 funding for the testing programme in 2019.

 Project Description

A critical issue that is impacting on our society today is Prostate Cancer. In response, and in the absence of any national testing programmes, we are undertaking testing within our community in November 2018 and annually thereafter.

Only men have a Prostate. The risk is that most men ignore early symptoms or are too scared to have their Prostate health checked. In fact 1 in 8 men will get Prostate Cancer at some point in their lives, 1 in 4 if you are black.

Prostate Cancers usually grow slowly, sometimes without symptoms, and may never cause problems or shorten a life. However, if it is growing more quickly ones chances improve if it can be caught early and treated. Those with symptoms may have problems urinating or pain in the back, hips or pelvis. Of course, these are often caused by other things that aren't cancer, but it's still a good idea to get any symptoms checked out. Sadly, the NHS does not provide a screening test for men.

East Grinstead Lions, together with charity PCaSO, are launching a local programme of testing for men who want to find out about Prostate Cancer and have themselves tested. We will be using a blood test called the PSA test which can assist in the diagnosis of Prostate Cancer and other Prostate problems.
The PSA is a blood test that measures the amount of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) in the blood. PSA is a protein made by the Prostate. It is normal to have a small amount of PSA in your blood, and the amount rises as you get older. But other things can raise your PSA level, including Prostate Cancer. 

If your PSA level is raised you may need more tests to find out why. However, there is no Prostate Cancer screening programme available in the UK, so you won't be invited to have a PSA test as part of a regular check-up. The key benefit to a screening programme is to find any Cancer early and treat it in time to get rid of it.    Catching Prostate Cancer early can save lives. Over 11,000 men die each year because pf Prostate Cancer.

The process we are planning involves advertising to a wide audience locally, arranging appointments, renting a venue, processing personal information with data protection systems in place, the taking of blood samples by trained phlebotomists, and then having the blood samples tested for the PSA levels. 

Individuals are then provided with a traffic light response. Green for all clear, Amber requiring the need for further review, and Red necessitating a referral to the local GP for further tests and possible treatment. All persons tested, regardless of the outcome, are advised to be tested annually.

We need to raise the funds required to organise this very necessary event. Based on information from testing carried out in other parts of the UK, we expect 300 men to respond each year. Of the 300 men tested it is expected that 50 could need further investigation and maybe 10 will require some form of life saving treatment.

If we are able to save just 1 life then the whole exercise will have been worth such a small investment.

The key events in the Annual Calender are as follows:

Book Stall

The club has recently placed a bookcase at East Grinstead railway station stocked with paperbacks for travellers to purchase. This installation complements the Lingfield station bookcases that have been in place for many years. The club is actively seeking more venues to increase the number of outlets.


Our books sales at the local stations are really successful and help us to raise money for community serves in our area. Can you can help by donating good quality paperbacks? If so contact Richard Maynard on 0845 833 9506

Sponsored Swim

This event is held in March between 6.30 and 9.30pm, where local businesses, sports clubs, schools, scouts and any group of six individuals provide teams to swim for 25 minutes in the Kings Leisure Centre, for which they obtain sponsors. The money raised is shared between the Lions 40% and the teams 60%. 

May Fair

This event started in 1979 is held in the picturesque East Grinstead High Street on May Day Bank Holiday Monday from 10am until 4pm. The High Street is closed to traffic for the day and local residents can enjoy a wide range of private and charity stalls, small fairground rides, live entertainment and supporting refreshment outlets. See the Programme Page for more details.

Donkey Derby

A new summer event for the club, the inaugural event having taken place in July 2013. It is staged on the football pitches next to the Kings Leisure Centre with a mixture of donkey racing provided with the support of Riding for the Disabled, a fun dog show and supporting side shows and stalls. This event will be in support of Lions Charities.

Christmas Raffle

The club sell raffle tickets outside a local supermarket during the week leading up to the East Grinstead Family Shopping Sunday in December. The money raised is used to hold a party for over 200 senior citizens from East Grinstead and the surrounding area. See Community Service 

Raffle Prizes - Winning Ticket Numbers

  Prize Ticket No     Prize Ticket No     Prize Ticket No
1st Waitrose Voucher £150 1761    4th Stones Family Butcher Voucher 3127     7th Voucher  
2nd Martels Voucher 0374   5th Rush Wash & Blow Dry 1063   8th Bottle of Wine 0730
3rd Hamilton Studios Portrate 2011   6th Holistic Queen Voucher 2943   9th Box of Chocolates 4324
                10th Box of Crackers 2864

Stones the Family Butcher have made a contribution to the Lions Christmas Draw. The butchers have taken over Fry's in Lingfield Road East Grinstead and are open Tues/Wed/Sat from 0730 to 1300 and Thurs/Fri from 0730 to 1700. For further details see our LInks Page

Other Events

During the year many other events are supported by the East Grinstead Lions to raise funds.    

Why not join us in helping others in the Community. Send us a message on our Contact Us page or contact the Club Secretary direct.

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